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Accord Mediation Group offers mediation services for all types of disputes, including:


 • Separation & Divorce

 • Child Custody & Visitation

 • Child Support

 • Guardianship & Elder Care Issues

 •  Wills & Estate

 •  Workplace

We can also assist you in the development of detailed and thorough parenting plans, visitation schedules, pre-marital agreements, and business and partnership arrangements.  Our mediators will help you identify all potential issues that may arise and explore with you how each situation will be handled.  This not only aids in the avoidance of future disagreements, but ensures that you have fully explored all available options.

• Corporate & Commercial

• Breach of Contract

• Real Estate

• Construction

• Consumer

• Personal Injury/Worker's Compensation


ediation can be used to resolve almost any dispute. The only requirement is that the parties are willing to participate in discussions with the goal of finding a resolution.




We provide contract management services, incuding  drafting and negotiation of contracts. We have expertise in all types of contracts and in a variety of fields.

Meeting Facilitation


We provide third-party neutral and arbitration services. We also provide meeting facilitation services to enusre a balanced, organized, and successful meeting.



We provide conflict resolution training to management and human resources staff and other employees. We also provide training on contract drafting/negotiation. 

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