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Accord Mediation Group
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Accord Mediation Group offers mediation services for all types of disputes, including:

Separation & Divorce
Child Custody & Visitation
Child Support
Corporate & Commercial
Breach of Contract
Employment & Labor
Real Estate
Personal Injury
Workers’ Compensation
Wills & Estate
Guardianship & Elder Care Issues

We can also assist you in the development of detailed and thorough parenting plans, visitation schedules, pre-marital agreements, and business and partnership arrangements. Our mediators will help you identify all potential issues that may arise and explore with you how the situation will be handled. This not only aids in the avoidance of future disagreements, but ensures that you have fully explored all available options. 


Our professionals also provide contract management and negotiation services.  We have expertise in all types of agreements in various fields.

Third Party Neutral and Meeting Facilitation

We provide third party neutral and arbitration services.  We can also facilitate meetings as a third party neutral.  


We provide third party neutral and arbitration services.  We can also facilitate meetings as a third party neutral.


Services are billed at our current hourly rates.  Other fee structures can be arranged depending on your needs.  Please contact us at (910) 509-7191 or /services.html  for more information.   

Mediation Fees and Cancellation Policy

Unless otherwise agreed, mediation fees are equally split between the parties. Mediation takes significantly less time than legal negotiation or litigation and, therefore, the average cost for resolving a dispute through mediation is often a fraction of the cost of legal fees. Unlike litigation, the parties control the amount of time and money spent in mediation.

Most mediations are scheduled in two (2) hour sessions. The number of sessions required depends on the number and complexity of the issues to be resolved.

We offer a free phone consultation to determine whether mediation is the right process for you. Upon scheduling a mediation session, a one-time administrative fee will be applied to cover the costs of pre-mediation preparation, document preparation, and other incidental costs. Travel outside of Wilmington is charged on an hourly basis.

Payment is due at the time of mediation session. We accept cash, personal checks, or money orders.

Cancellation Policy: We require a 48-hour notice of cancellation of the mediation session. If the mediation session is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the session, then the fees for the session will be assessed to the party responsible for the cancellation.

For more information about the current rates and fees, please contact us at (910) 509-7191 or /services.html.